About Domain Names

Domain Name Tips

Look For a TLD or Top Regional Suffix (.com; .co.uk etc)

Always Purchase a Minimum of 2 Years

Select Auto-renewal to ensure continuity

Consider Protecting Ownership Details, Though it Costs Extra

Do Not Be Tempted With Any Other Offers The Domain Company May Make, Such as Additional Domain Suffixes (.net; . biz etc.)

Why You Need A Domain Name

A domain name is your window to the internet. It acts as your web address and is how people find you

You domain name should reflect your business activity and trading name as closely as possible and should be as short as is practical bearing this in mind. For example fredsbakery

Try a Top Level Domain (TLD)  First

You should consider a Top Level Domain (TLD) wherever possible if it is available such as fredsbakery.com

Try a Regional Domain if TLD Unavailable

If TLD  not available use a regional domain which is almost as good such as fredsbakery.co.uk : fredsbaker.es and so on. Ignore all other domains as they are just not as good when it comes to ranking your website

Why You Should Always Buy Your Own Domain Name

Your Domain Name Is Precious

It is your window to the online world and must be protected

Because your domain name is so important to your online presence you should always have complete control over it. You must determise its renewal and you must control where it is pointed with regard to its hosting.

Never Entrust Your Domain Name To Anyone Else

Even a highly reputable company like ourselves should not have control over your domain name. We may forget to renew it for example and that will end your online presence. You may want to move hosting and no-one will give this the priority that you would.

Where To Buy Your Domain Name


Go Daddy

One of the most efficient and cheapest domain sellers for TLDs. Frequent discounts.Our Favourite



COnsistently one of the cheapest domain sellers. Bit overcomplicated to setup an account.



The best and cheapest domain seller for .co.uk domains for UK buyers.

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