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Guide To Buying a Domain

Why You Need a Domain

cheap domainsIn order to launch any website on the internet you first of all have to have a domain.  This is your address on the internet and where you will build and locate your website.

Your domain can also be used as your email address for your business, which ties everything up tidily.

Ironically though, you will need to already have an email address in order to buy the domain in the first place. Such are the contradictory joys of the web.  You probably already have one anyway so that is 100% acceptable to get you started.  However from a professional stand point an email address the same as your website holds more power.

What is a Domain?

A domain is your website address.  It comes in many formats nowadays but if possible you should always try to secure a top level domain such as  (dotcom) or if in the (dot co dot uk)These remain the best but many of the really good names will already be secured.  However that depends upon your business and what you are trying to market through your website.

Finding the right domain name to fit your business can on occasions be a frstrating experience, but a necessary one.

Always try to get a domain name that is closely related to your business . For example if you are selling mountain bikes, try to get the name “mountain bikes” in the domain such as  It is likely this domain has already gone, but you get the idea.

Where to Buy a Domain

There are hundreds of companies supplying domain names but not all of them are as good as they should be.  Rather that go into all the suppliers you should avoid I am going to list just those I know to be reputable and competitively priced.  The other important thing to not is that with each of these companies you have total control over your domain and can manage it exactly as you wish.  That may not seem so important now, but as you progressit can become vital to the success of your business.

My top 3 recommendations are

  1. Go Daddy
  2. UK2 (especially for domains)
  3. Namecheap
Go Daddy
From $6.99
Cheapest for all TLD
From £5.99
Best for UK Domains
From $6.99
Competitive Pricing

Just click on the names above and you will be taken to their respective websites.

Should I Buy My Domain Name From My Host?

I do not believe you should for a couple of reasons

  1. If you buy your domain name as part of your hosting package, you lose the flexibility to move it to another host if you wish
  2. They are usually more expensive that buying seperately

If you buy from one of our recommended suppliers you have total freedom to move your hosting at any time and you are not locked in to that comapny’s hosting.

We do not recommend you buy your domain even from our recommended hosting companies.  It may be slightly less easy to start with but it has long lasting benefits to buy them individually.

What To Do When You Have Bought Your New Domain Name

When you buy it you have the option for Privacy so no-one can look up your details. It is worth the extra cost as it ensures that your detail remain private.

The next thing is to have a little patience for it to register.

You will then need to change your Nameservers with your domain company to point to your hosting company.  Of course you can’tdo that until you acquire your hosting.







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