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Finding The Right Affiliate Partners Is Essential

You Need Partners Who Support You and Pay You Well and Quickly

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Good Affiliate Groups Are Free – If you are asked to Pay a Fee DON’T

Where you go depends largely upon the Niche Market that you have chosen. More on Niche Markets here.

Join A Reputable Affiliate Group

With reputable affiliate groups you have a backstop and supprt against non-payment. You also have a large variety of companies from whcih you can create your niche.

General Groups to seriously consider are

  • Affiliate Window. Masses of top named merchants and good support. Easy to use dashboard. Mainly UK focused. They ask for a £5 joining fee which you get back with your first commision cheque
  • Commission Junction. Mainly US focused with hundreds of brand names. Messy dashboard
  • Affiliate Future. Smaller group with fewer top brands. Goood niche merchants and easy to use
  • Linkshare. Masses of top brands. Horrible interface
  • Clickbank. Digital sales only with huge range of topics and high commissions.

Specialist Groups in the Health and Beauty Market

Sell Health. Brilliant company with superb products and user interfce with decent commission rates up to 40% and a long, lifetime cookie length. Top notch affiliate support too.Absolutely my number 1.

Moreniche/Paydot. A lot of merchants and wide product range. Easy to use and well worth a look. Many lifetime cookies and good affiliate support.

These are just a small sample of what is around. We recommend them because we have had a great experience working with them and anticipate you will too.

About Amazon

amazon affioliateMany people start with Amazon. Mainly because

  • They have a hugely positive reputation
  • They have trust with the general public virtually worldwide.
  • Their product range is enormous
  • Pricing is competitive
  • They accept almost everyone as affiliates with a simple sign up form

But Beware of Amazon and the Promises

Joining Amazon and reading what everyone trying to sell you an Amazon solution says, makes you think of all the thousands of commission you will bank every month

Not really going to happen though because

  • Commission start as low as 4% net price (After VAT or purchase taxes are removed) That means a $/£/€50 items earns you less that $/£/€2
  • Amazon themselves act as affiliates to a host of companies, so there is a conflict of interest
  • After ordering Amazon will bombard your customers with sales emails and cut you completely out of the picture
  • Their cookie is only 24 hours so unless your visitors buy on first visit you will never earn anything and probably never see that hard earned customer again. With expensive items people rarely buy immediately but bookmark Amazon and return later. By which time your customer is now Amazons’s and no commision will be paid.
  • They are arrogant and complacent and change terms at their whim, disregarding your needs.

In case you think I don’t like working with Amazon, you are nearly right. They are not always the cheapest though their service is good, it is not as good as it used to be. I still buy my DVDs and books and love my Kindle, but am very cautious with affiliate sales through them.

They are however a brilliant source to see what is trending for sales and I use them a lot for research on products and price comparison.

Sell what you know and be an Affiliate Wizard

affiliate wizardTo start, you should stick to selling products or services that you’re familiar with. Online marketers call this process “picking your niche.”  You should select a niche that represents your current interests or your occupation or even your own personal experiences.

Monetise a misfortune even.

For example, if you’re an expert at model railways, it makes more sense to sell related engines than it does to sell face creams. You’ll do a much better job with your individual marketing efforts if you stick to selling what you know.

That is not to say you cannot learn anything new, but when starting it makes life much easier to begin with something you know about.  Build your knowledge and add your new topics in the future if you wish.

You should be able to find something available through one of your chosen affiliate groups





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