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A Unique Business Opportunity

Work With Local Businesses of Any Type or Size To Promote Their Business or Products In A Totally Unique Way


About The Opportunity

The Landing Page Business Opportunity System gives you a chance to work with small businesses in your area to help promote their company by means of a Landing Page Directory.

This is a totally unique concept that takes Business Directories to a whole new level.

Business directories are incredibly popular but most of them fail to really meet their customers’ needs.

This system is completely different in its presentation and its purpose.

It is designed to give an exceptionally high quality entry that actually supplements the business website and supports every other form of online marketing and any form of advertising, from Google ads to newspaper classified ads and everything in between.

It uses a Landing Page to promote a business, a product or a service and acts as a lead generation page without the distractions that a website must offer.

What Is A Landing Page and Why Are They So Valuable?

Landing Pages are single web pages designed to exclusively promote a business, service or product without distractions.

A good landing page contains no adverts, social media links, popups or menus that can distract visitors, but focuses entirely on one purpose.

If someone advertises anything anywhere, in the modern world people will check them out online.

There are only a few seconds to capture visitors’ attention and a landing page is designed to do just that.

Focused entirely on message matching the advert, the landing page answers queries instantly and clearly and then directs visitors to buy, sign up, request a quotation or simply discover more. In effect a Landing Page qualifies advertising leads and captures the interest of visitors.

Unlike a website which needs menus, social media links, contact pages etc. a landing page has none of these and concentrates on only one message.

How Most Existing Business Directories Fail To Meet Companies' Needs

Without doubt, Business Directories are a huge success when it comes to online marketing. Google loves them and businesses love to be in them.

However they fail on many counts. They are usually

Often poorly laid out and difficult to discover more about the company listed

Infested with irrelevant pop-up ads or competitors’ adverts

Hard to find what the user wants

Poor to describe what the listing companies are all about

Lumped in together so the listing company is one of many similar companies making it confusing for the visitor to choose and ineffective for the listing company to stand out.

Text based with little opportunity for great graphics or video to help promote the listing company.

Completely inflexible in the layout and presentation.

This directory addresses and fixes all of thos issues

Types of Landing Pages

Business Promotion

An effective single page website dedicated to promote any business of any type or size. Low cost alternative to a website or an effective supplement to an existing website

Lead Generation

Designed to market any individual service or offer. From central heating installation to dental implants, creates marketing support online. Used to generate leads and enquiries

Click Through

If one is advertising a specific product a good landing page will give anyone responding full detailed information about that product and nothing else with a "BUY" link call to action

Why Our Directory System Is So Different

  • Very high quality graphic based entries
  • No advertising leakage. Visitors responding to an advert cannot access any other page.
  • No pop-up adverts or competitors’ adverts anywhere on the client’s page
  • On page SEO geared exclusively to the client.
  • Page focused ttally on the client’s needs
  • On-page video option

The system is very simple to use and develop and everything is provided for you to start within hours of setting up your website.

You will need to have or be willing to learn WordPress to build your landing page site, but WP is probably the easiest web building software to learn and there are dozens of free courses online to help you. We also provide full instructions as well that will have your system up an running very fast.

What The Landing Page System Gives You

Benefit 1

Your Own Directory Website

You will receive a fully configured website created in WordPress, that you will be able to tailor to suit your own needs.

Everything is included to get you going and everything is editable by you.

It is both your business website and also the directory site to host your clients’ Landing Pages

Benefit 2

Ready Made Templates

You will have access to several pre-built Landing Page Templates that can be fully adapted to meet you clients’ needs.

As new ones are created you will also have access to these

Benefit 3

Video Templates in Powerpoint

We have created a number of Powerpoint templates that you will also have access to.

Each of these can be fully adapted to meet the needs of you or any business clients you may have to use in conjunction with your lansing page

What You Will Need

Your own domain name and hosting

The ability to talk to new customers

Comfortable learning new skills

Fast broadband access

A Tablet or Laptop for demos

A YouTube account if you want to offer videos

Powerpoint 2013 or later for videos

This is Your Business and its Success Relates To How Much You Work

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