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Selecting Your Niche Market

Selecting a Niche Market Is Essential To The Success of Your Online Business

If you have a hobby or a passion for something consider starting there.

For example if you love model railways you could start a blog describing this passion and monetise it by offering affiliate links to stores that sell such items. Of course you will need to setup your affiliate relationship with that store and you can read more about Affiliate Groups here

Alternatively if you have had an experience you want to share such as weight loss, you could start a specific weight loss blog about your experiences and monetise it by placing links to companies offering weight loss solutions to others.  Be careful with the weight loss market though.  It is incredibly competitive and you will need a specific closely focused niche to stand any chance of success.

You will need to do your research to see

  1. Is there enough demand for my chosen niche product?
  2. Is there too much competition to consider it?
  3. What special aspect can I bring to this market to make my product stand out?
  4. Is there enough money/commission to make my effort worthwhile?

Your resarch starts with Google.

Type in your search phrase for the product that interests you and see what comes up.

  1. Are there products you can sell?
  2. Is there enough commission?
  3. Who can you partner with?
  4. What competition is there?

The whole subject about Niche marketing is so vast and there is so much information about that it becomes totally confusing for anyone starting out.  The danger with this situation is that you go off chasing (an buying) courses about niche marketing left right and centre not really knowing what it is you’re buying.  You can end up spending a lot of money without really getting what you need.

Our experience is that very few of these courses actually work or have been written by people who have actually done it. We have however discovered a really quality course designed and written by experts who have covered every aspect of Affiliate Marketing – Affilorblueprint

Although membership is paid for, there are some major free tips that will help you enormously when starting out in Affiliate marketing.



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