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Many people start with Amazon. Mainly because

  • They have a hugely positive reputation
  • They have trust with the general public virtually worldwide.
  • Their product range is enormous
  • Pricing is competitive
  • They accept almost everyone as affiliates with a simple sign up form
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Beware of Amazon and the Promises

Joining Amazon and reading what everyone trying to sell you an Amazon solution says, makes you think of all the thousands of commission you will bank every month

Not really going to happen though because

  • Commission start as low as 4% net price (After VAT or purchase taxes are removed) That means a $/£/€50 items earns you less that $/£/€2
  • Amazon themselves act as affiliates to a host of companies, so there is a conflict of interest
  • After ordering Amazon will bombard your customers with sales emails and cut you completely out of the picture
  • Their cookie is only 24 hours so unless your visitors buy on first visit you will never earn anything and probably never see that hard earned customer again. With expensive items people rarely buy immediately but bookmark Amazon and return later. By which time your customer is now Amazons’s and no commision will be paid.
  • They are a bit arrogant and complacent and change terms at their whim, sometimes disregarding your needs.

In case you think I don’t like working with Amazon, you are nearly right. They are not always the cheapest though their service is good, it is not as good as it used to be. I still buy my DVDs and books and love my Kindle, but am very cautious with affiliate sales through them.

They are however a brilliant source to see what is trending for sales and I use them a lot for research on products and price comparison.

There are however ways that you can use Amazon and overcome the cookie issue but I have never found a way to stop customer leakage.