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Sell Health is a network that has been at the forefront of the affiliate marketing industry for over a decade. We consistently prove to have the highest commission percentages, best conversion rates, and working with us guarantees that affiliates can cut out the middle men, negate all of the brokered deals currently in the space, and make the most money possible. A number of our products/brands are well known across the world, and we strive to continue to create new products with excellent reputations and even better commissions.

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Why Is The Sell Health Affiliate Program Good?

I’ll list a few things off the top of my head.  Then you can check them out and see for yourself.

  • Cookies Last A Long Time! That’s right. If someone clicks on your link today but does not purchase and then later goes directly to the vendor site and makes a purchase you get credit anyway. (as long as they didn’t clear their cookie cache of course, but few people do that very often).
  • Besides… have you noticed that some companies (such as Amazon) only offer 24 Hour cookies?  Other companies offer 10 day to 30 day ones, and you can find some that offer as much as 90 days, but that is pretty much the max.
  • Repeat Orders!  People will re-order products and when they do you get another commission from the sale.  Very few companies will do this for you.  Most vendors out there are more than happy to have you do ALL the work of getting them a new customer, paying you once, and not even saying thanks for all of the repeat business they are getting off of your hard work.
  • Excellent Commissions!  Sell Health pays the highest commissions of any health product affiliate company out there.  Market Health’s commissions are nearly as good too.
  • The amazing thing is this.  There are other affiliate networks selling similar (and in some cases the exact same) products and paying less than a 10% commission.  This pales in comparison to the 40 -50% commissions that Sell Health pays.
  • Twice Per Month Payments.  Both Market Health and Sell Health pay twice per month, but many other companies pay only once per month. The thing I like about both of these companies is that if I make a sale between the 1st and 15th of the month I will get paid within two weeks.  The edge goes to Sell Health on this one, as they will cut the check as early as 5 days after the pay period ends, whereas Market Health waits until the end of the month.
  • Sell Health has a better back end.  What I mean by that is a couple of things.  First of all – they make it real easy to get your banners, links, make tracking codes, etc.  They also have a lot more marketing resources you can use such as articles that you can use (spin or rewrite) in your marketing efforts.  They also provide more tips and advice about how to go about doing things correctly.  (honesty is the best policy type stuff)
  • Access To Affiliate Manager.  The nice thing about Sell Health is how quickly they respond to your questions and concerns, as well as any suggestions and requests you might have such as making a custom banner for you.  You can email them, or call them, and they take care of your needs.
  • Honesty In Marketing.  Not that I have any complaints in this area about the Market Health Products, but every single one of the Sell Health Products has a generous money back guarantee.  They also make it real easy for your customers to order.  Many people still are not comfortable putting in credit card numbers over the internet – so they have the option to either call and place an order, or even fax one in.  (pretty sure not many people do that anymore, but hey… the option is there).