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  • Manage Your WordPress Client Sites With One Click
  • Generate Additional Income
  • Create A WordPress Management Agency For New Clients

Manage Existing Clients WordPress Websites

Generate New Income Sources

Manage All Your WordPress Websites With A SIngle Click

Low Cost Innovative Software To Manage All Your Clients' Websites From A Single Interface

Save Hours and Hours Of Time

WIth the our new innovative software you can manage themes, plugins and upgrades for WP without the need to access each website individually

One click upgrades without the need to log into your clients’ websites every time.

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Manage Exiting Clients' Websites

As a WordPress website design specialist you will be fully aware the constant management WP needs to maintain its integrity.

WordPress versions are upgraded very regularly and need to be updated as a matter of urgency to maintain its security.

Plugins and Themes too. An outdated Plugin or Theme is a security risk for one and may also affect a website’s efficiency. There is an almost daily task of upgrading these.

You know what is involved. Log into each website to check if it needs updating. Go to the update section and select the items that need updating and start and wait. Then you log-off and start again with the net website. Each website can take at least 5-10 minutes or more to check and update. You do not have the time or the inclination to do that every day. We know we’ve been there, done it and have the T-Shirt!

But Now You Do Not Need To

Our new software can automate that task for you from one single interface so each website can be auto-checked and updated with just one or two mouse clicks.

  • No logging in or logging out.
  • No need to remember or even store passwords
  • No Checking for updates they are auto-checked
  • One-click updating for Core, Themes, Plugins done in seconds

All you need to do is install a very small plugin to each client site and setup the website on your interface and you will not need to login again to carry out essential updates. How simple is that?

Generate More Income From Your WordPress Clients

The software does more than just upgrade themes and plugins, it also offers database clean up and login security, SEO improvements, backup and marketing options.

You can offer these services to your existing website clients and charge them for it.

Security is very important today with hackers having automated their methods of attacking websites. This software offer major protection for your clients and is an ongoing income source.

Create a WordPress Agency For Non-Clients

With this software you are not limited to managing a WordPress site for businesses that are not even your clients.

All you need to do is identify a WP website that needs updating and you could secure them as a future client by offering them a management service to keep theit website updated.

This could of course lead to more business with other services that you offer.

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