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Your Guide To Creating a Website

Having acquired you domain, setup your hosting and decided what niche or product you are going to market onlinr, it is now time to create a website.  Your website is your business window to the world.

It is how to present your product or service and how people judge your business.  Presentation and content are the most vital part of your online business as a poorly designed website will never attract customers nor retain them.

PicYour website must have

  1. Ease of access and be fast loading
  2. Ease of use and be user friendly
  3. Full of relevant, well produced content
  4. Plenty of relevant images as websites are more visual based than text based.
  5. Mobile friendly responsive design so it can be viewed on any device

That’s just for starters

You have a choice of format depending on the way you want to promote your business

  1. Static Website
  2. Content Management Website (CMS)

Static Website

A static website is usually HTML based and is used where you are offering a product or service where the content rarely changes.

Static websites can be used for single product in Affiliate marketing and there are a number of advantages and disadnatages of setting up and running such sites,


  • They are fast loading. This is important for both potential customers and Search Engines (Google in particular) Nobody likes to sit and wait while a websites takes an age to load. Many potential customers will quit before your site has loaded, never to return
  • They are usually small and take up minimal hosting resources
  • You can build an unlimited number of mini sites to cater for a whole range of individual products.
  • Extremely difficult to hack
  • You build the sites offline and upload them to your server


  • You need a bit of technical knowledge to make them work
  • It is harder to change content or add new content
  • They are not really suitable for any form of articles or blogging
  • You need a bit of artistic flair to make them look good.
  • You have to upload them to your host server

Content Management System

clients_001For this system most people choose WordPress. Universally popular and accounting for nearly 50% of all new websites built, WordPress is the ideal choice for starting out in any type of online marketing.


  • Very small technical knowledge needed to start
  • Huge number of effective plugins to boost your site in many ways
  • Huge number of WordPress templates to help make your site look good. In fairness, the best templates are Prmium Templates which you pay for. Free ones usually have too many limitations to be useful.  See our recommended Premium WordPress recommendations on our Niche Market page
  • You can have unlimited pages or blog posts that can be automatically added to your site as you do them
  • Search engines love WordPress
  • Incredibly flexible


  • WordPress is full of generic coding that makes it slower to load. You need to keep a check on the add-ons and plug ins.
  • Resource hungry and uses a lot of disk space. Basic installation uses aboy 5x more resorces than HTML
  • Needs protection against hacking.  Basic security of WordPress is poor so you need to protect your site yourself. Because it is so popular it is also a target for the unscrupulous and criminal element.
  • You need to install WordPress on your server before you can start creating your website

Despite the disadvantages, if you are just starting out, WordPress should be your first choice. However to make it work and earn money, you must have a self-hosted version. Forget WordPress hosted, it will not work for you.

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